Bohol Wandering (repost)

It’s been months since the day a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Bohol Island.

I just wanted to do a repost about one of my trips to Bohol with some good friends way back year 2011, back when the hills were okay.


Been to Bohol for quite a few times in the past.

Just last month though (yeaah, December), a few of my colleagues decided to book a 3 day trip to the beautiful province. And I was like, hhhheyyy WHY NOT? It’s a great way to bond with friends, make “sulit” (translation: “worthwhile”) our looong holiday vacation and well, bring out the driver in me!!!  I just have’ta try that ATV Ride!

So there, I made the decision to join the gang of wanderers.

After a month long of calling travel agencies, interviewing and annoying friends who live in Bohol, browsing discount travel sites, adding tons of contacts and taking dozens of calls  (We owe these all to Cindy and her unending perseverance and effort!! :D Salamat Cind..:D) we finally had our official trip itinerary.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiit….before I continue, I gotta say bye-bye for now.  I’m currently at work and I’m snooping on WordPress to do some personal posting. Tsk, screw company rules.

Anyway, toodles! Will update this later.


A few hours later…


I’m back and….. here’s our itinerary and some blabs:

Day1 :
Tagbilaran Pier – The sky was crying when we reached the port. I wonder why…heheh.  Please don’t ask. :P bwahahah

Hinagdanan cave – Thank you very much to the guide who effortlessly noticed our ‘artistahin’ looks and gave us our respective/appropriate nicknames—- Justin Beiber – Maja Salvador – Angel Locsin (yey for me!! :P) –  JohnLloyd Cruz – and Piolo Pascual. – I must say, “MIRACULOUS!!!!” xD





Alona Hidden Resort

Alona Resorts’ Beach Front
Our room

Bayoyoy the Dwarf  – I heartily salute the man’s family for their endless effort and care.
Blood Compact Monument –  I actually thought of sitting on Sikatuna’s lap, but I realized I was not that type of person so I behaved. If you are unsure who Sikatuna is…Google please.

Rajah/Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi blood compact (Sandugo)



Kidding aside, this place is said to be the very site where the Blood Compact happened– situated in between two rivers.

Baclayon Church and Museum (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception church) –


Unexpectedly came across Father Rudy on our way out of the church. It’s nice to see someone you know while you’re on vacation.  I also lit a few colored candles – which was my “very important” part.



PANDAYAN (old way of making knives and bolo) in Loay – One word — COOL.  Even though I only saw bolos, my imaginative self just can’t help slipping into tra-la-la land and think of Samurais and  Diablo II blacksmiths. (out-of-this-world moment)


Python Sanctuary – I love animals, pets and have always spent a lot of time watching Animal Planet and Nat Geo wild on TV.  And yes!..I have this weird love for reptiles.  I dunno, but they’re so Slimy-ly cute! Can I take the iguana and python home? Pleaaassee…:D

An albino python

Loboc Church (San Pedro Church) – And so we were told the story of the unfinished bridge and the church. Hmmm… I just can’t help but wonder if there really is such as “a hidden treasure” there.  Shovel please! :D

The church across Loboc’s unfinished bridge.

Lunch at Loboc River Cruise – T’was noon and cam batteries were already dying out. Talk about not-so-vain people. LOL

Yummy food, good singing and a relaxing cruise.

Tasted Bohol Bee farm’s famous malunggay ice cream –  I have this fondness for greens/vegatables and that includes  ”Malunggay” (translation: “horseradish tree/moringa oleifera”); I was probably a goat in my past life .


To no surprise, i looooved the malunggay ice cream except for the cone it came with.  Cindy loved it, I didn’t. T’was too oily for my taste buds.

Some muffins at the Bee-Farm store

Cable car ride at Loboc


Unfortunately, I was ALONE on the first cable car ride to the other side of the river. (T_T)  Good thing talking to myself is nothing new to me and forcing myself to create imaginary friends is really not that hard. hahahahah… *whew Thank God for that spark of madness he gave me. ;)

The ride back…


Tarsier Conservation Center – Unforgettable! I was mistaken for a chinese/japanese/korean tourist.  I will definitely be back! >:) nyahahaha *swelling-liver :D


Man-made Forest –  Loved and still love this place. Never fails to make me feel I’m in a road trip to some European countryside.

Butterfly Conservation Area – Felt like I was on a science class field trip. I loved the puuuhrrttyy and cute colored butterflies too.  And oh, the Fruit Salad Ice-cream bar was yummy! I need more!!!


(G1) ATV ride at Carmen


This my friends, for me, is the bestest best part of our trip. I have unleashed the driver in me!! I suck at driving and was never good with estimating distances and all, but I had soooo much fun driving the AUTOMATIC vehicle. I know, I know…I sound lame and even drove lame; see proof below- hahaha. I am literally laughing at myself now. But seriously, it was incredibly fun!!! NO KIDDING! And yes, I got better and better in a span of a few mins. Ain’t I something? :D Say yes or faint! :P







Chocolate Hills – Breath taking as usual.  There were not a lot of people that day. Had the place to ourselves; told the wishing well my hopes/desires and rang the bell to get attention — hahaha just followed the instruction guide really.


Alona Beach — Scenic! Scenic! Scenic!  I admit I am not a swim-at-the-beach type of person, but I love romantic sceneries…and that includes sunsets. *dreamy-face


Day 3 – Island Hopping!

Dolphin watching  – T’was fun chasing young dolphins.  I honestly believe the mischievous babies were making fun of us. Nonetheless it was FUN and we can’t help but go jumpy when we spot them! TraLaLa-Land-Thought says I’m Ariel of the Little Mermaid.

Balicasag Island Lunch and Snorkeling in their Fish Sanctuary


fishfeedingFish feeding using the entire loaf of sliced  bread. Lucky, lucky cute colorful fishes. Need Peanut Butter and Jelly? LOL

Had grilled fish and pork for lunch. The memory makes me hungry.

Hello, succulent kitong!


Virgin Island 


 Beautiful and untouched stretch of white sand. Hello photoshoots! :D



I’ve been to most of the places, but I still had fun!

We’d like to thank Incon Bohol Tours for the great experience.

Our cool ride
You can ring them at+639297623614 and look for  Mr. Paul Bernard Incon.  You can also send an email — or visit their site at 

Below is a list of some of my colleagues’ blogs. Check them out!    [Lo, you did not join us in Bohol, but I’ll be kind enough to post your link here. You should THANK me for this! And not just any thank should be a buy-me-an-icecream thank you..:D :P >:))) ]


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