Year-End Trekking in Catmon

Heard about a Hot Spring destination in Catmon some time ago; so, the gang of wanderers decided to pay the place a visit as a year-end getaway.

Another day of fun and nature-lovin’ with some friends slash colleagues. Dec 30th, Yr 2013 Location: Catmon, Cebu – Esoy Hot Springs

T’was quite a long drive (a passenger’s observation) and quite steep too.

How to get there: Stop at JM Poultry in Catmon Ride a motorcycle-for-hire (Habal-habal) to Esoy Hot Springs.
If you’re driving…just drive straight up the road beside JM Poultry When you reach an intersection, go left and drive straight again. The other way leads to a cemetery 😉

You’ll then come across a white gate on the left side of the road.


     Walking down a long and winding    stairway to our table


           Life Jackets


           The Hanging Bridge

Just below the bridge is a cave where hot spring water trickles.



               And so the trek begins…



        Waterfall-like spring …


Around 15-mins later, we reached the end of the trek. You also have the option to jump. The climb to get to the top of Ka-Tinggo is pretty challenging and you have to be extra careful; one misstep could be dangerous.  The drop is short, but it’s worth it.


   Catmon’s 100meter Ka-Tingo falls and its 150-ft-deep catch basin water

The resort does not allow walk-in guests. RESERVATION IS A MUST!

For Reservations, contact Esoy Hot Springs 4309250 09218133296

For meals, the resort does not serve or cater food (meals), but they do have a small store with a few drinks and snacks. And, NO CORKAGE. Yey!!

Entrance : P100 Cottage: P500 Life Vest: P50 (required when trekking)

Now, the fact that there is a hot spring in Catmon got me wondering if there is a volcano nearby. Turns out, there really is. Mount Catmon is listed by The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) as one of the 355 inactive volcanoes in the Philippines.



The municipality of Catmon is home to Mt. Tabayag (in Brgy. Duyan) which is believed to be an extinct volcano due to the existence of a hot spring flowing underneath it —  Mainit Hot Springs (aka Esoy Hot Springs). Cool, eh?


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