Our Nuriko, “Riri” for short

T’was January 15th of year 2012, when our  beloved 12-yr old sausage-like family member joined our Lord God in the heavens.
Shiori was a great companion despite her very possessive and overly-jealous attitude.

I clearly remember the day when she agonizingly (but with all her strength) waited for hours for me to wake up and drop by her spot to say goodbye to her.
A few minutes later, Shiori sighed… her last breath.
We love her so much and we miss her just as much too.


Shiori in a beach at Kawit, Medellin, Cebu 🙂

It took us quite a while to get a new four-legged family member…until, August of last year (2013).
My sister and I finally decided to bring home a cuddly, four-legged cotton ball that looked pretty much like a white living plushie.

Riri at 2 months

She was silent and angel-like when we took her away from her siblings and mom that afternoon, but greeted with so much love, affection and welcoming joy from the members of our household when she arrived home that evening, never did I hear her cry out of loneliness nor did she show signs of separation anxiety.
Riri was as perky as a toddler and just as sweet.
She was happy that, I was sure about.

Riri loved watching the television when she was 2 months….
Not too close, Riri!

There, that’s better…good girl! 🙂

Riri at 3 months

Riri loves sleeping too!
Even while eating! Hahah

Last December(2013)

Up until she was 5 months, whenever she’s asleep, but wakes up and feels the need to check on something, she’d crawl just because she’s too sleepy (or lazy! Haha) to stand up.
“Look! I’m a mermaid! Haha”

“Look, i’m an eating mermaid! Hahaha”

Despite her quite lazy attitude, we still take her out for walks…


Riri out for a walk (At 5 months)

She may still be young and puppy-ish, but she’s not as mischievous as she was a few months back…growing mature, i’d say.

And look just how much she’s grown!

Our pretty wolf-like bear at 4 months

Riri at 5 months



Riri at 6 months

She loves soft pillows, flat slippers,


stuffed toys, cheese,


rugs (damp rugs for the most part), Charco dog treats, bread,


cushiony beds, cuddling, baths, the sound of tearing-paper, hugs, strolls, and cold weather.


One of her ‘handsome-ish’ poses. 


She’s somewhat “dramatic” ,  loves sweet-talk

and  unintentionally pees when she’s overly excited! ;))


Last weekend (Jan 5, ’14) at 7months

She’s growing up real fast…

We are happy despite some challenges and, we love her with all our hearts! ❤


Many ask why we named her Nuriko — Nuriko is a Suzaku star warrior in that famous anime series ‘Fushigi Yuugi‘.


That’s where we got her name from;
We just call her ‘Riri’ for short. 🙂


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