Evening Hotcakes: Hearts and Flowers

January 12, 2014

5:54 pm

And so the sky never ceased to pour a weekend long supply of raindrops…
Hello Lazy Late Sunday Afternoon!

Most of my cousins are pretty busy and we don’t really want to end the day without something fun to do; so, my sister and I are now searching the kitchen cabinets, hunting for food supplies that will help keep ourselves from getting bored…

Now, pancake mixes are frequent borders in our kitchen, but this time, we found it’s cousin (or twin?) — Hotcake Mix!!

Evening hotcakes?? Why not?


Making hotcakes is not really something difficult. I mean,  we all know the process isn’t really complicated.

I clearly recall one of my first-grade students saying, “Even a first grader can make hotcakes.” 🙂



It may seem quite redundant or cliche to put photos of what we did, but i’m gonna do it anyway. ;P


The uber simple recipe at the back of the box


     Our pan and cutsey molder 🙂


          Beat an egg till it went frothy 


The egg and the dry ingredients in homogeneous state


Brushed some sunflower oil on the pan and slowly heated it over low heat


Cutsey molds to add a touch of fun and challenge…

For love and beauty? Heheh


The finished hotcakes which looked like brownies 😀

When you make these with this type of Hotcake Mix, I suggest to form real thin ones…they taste way better that way.  I think the Maya brand is still, by far, the best hotcake mix I’ve ever had, but this one’s still good.

Anyway, what matters is that we shoved ourselves from boredom and we had a lot of fun molding the hotcakes! hahah This was what it was all about in the first place.

Have a great night 🙂


P.S.  Pancakes and hotcakes may mostly be interchangeable, but they are not one and the same in many different places in the world, IMHO. I usually call these “yummies” pancakes, but in respect to the box lemme call them hotcakes in this post 🙂


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