Riri’s Obedience Training


Feb 15 2014 is Riri’s first day of obedience training.
I am so lucky and grateful to have scheduled a home training session with famous Cebu Dog Trainer and Behaviorist ‘Jojo Bautista’.

Training Session 1: ‘Leave it’ ‘No’

Training Session 2: ‘Wait’

Training Session 3: ‘Down’

Training Session 4:  Proper dog-walking

I’m still in the process of creating a video of Riri performing with the commands.

We’ve learned soooo much from Mr. Jojo Bautista.
What I love most about his approach and training style is he does not just make your dog do tricks, but he studies the behavior and gives you advice about it too.
Many of us dog lovers love our furry family member(s) with all our hearts, but we often fail to totally understand why they behave the way they do in many specific ways.
Jojo has helped me and my family  better understand our Riri’s behavior.
Although she still needs frequent practice, Riri is now definitely more obedient.

We couldn’t be happier of the training sessions and the result.
It’s been a real great experience.

Thank you very much, sir! We owe you a lot. 🙂

You can reach Cebu Dog Trainer Mr. Jojo Bautista by checking out his FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/cebudogtrainer
Or his website http://www.cebudogtrainer.com/




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