3-Dip Trip

April 27, 2014

4:30 am

The smell of Jollibee Centro Mandaue’s burger patties are sooo overwhelmingly tempting that I decided to step outside the diner and sit at the sides of the parking lot just to keep myself from eating processed food. I love burgers, but I promised myself I will no longer be eating processed or fast food; I have chosen to make healthier lifestyle choices this year and onward.

I keep checking my phone for text messages from my companions. None.

A few minutes later Ger-x arrived; a few more minutes later Mitch and Ryan came in to pick us up and we went our way to pick up four more others (Teddy, Clyde, Riza and Greg).

CarCar Market  Carcar City Public Market

We bought ‘puso’ ((rice wrapped in banana leaves), boiled bananas and potato, some meat, a few spices, and a quarter of a kilo of Carcar’s scrumptious and juicy Lechon

It was already around 8 in the morning and we were hungry so we stopped at Sibonga’s Town Plaza/Park to munch on the food we took out at Carcar.

Hungry Wildlings enjoying a conversation about Game of Thrones over some puso and lechon 😀 😛
lovely (century-old?) Acacia Trees at Sibonga’s Park/Plaza

Dalaguete Market Dalaguete Public Market

Bought mol-mol (blue-barred parrotfish), some calamansi, and salt for our sinugba later.

Tingko Beach Daan Lungsod, Alcoy, Cebu

The sun was high and it was a scorching hot morning when we arrived at Tingko Beach, Alcoy.

Antig Tingko Beach Entrance
Tingko Beach Sign Board
Tingko Beach Sign Board

To get to the beach, you have to walk down a short stairway.

Ze Beach at Tingko
Ze Beach

Obong Spring Obong Cold Spring Dalaguete, Cebu

The heat was unforgiving; gladly, we headed for Obong Spring in Dalaguete. The water was a little salty that time, but cold – a great place to refresh!! Plus, entrance fee is only 10.00 pesos! 🙂

A dip at Obong Spring keeps the sweltering heat away.

Dalaguete Beach Park Casay, Dalaguete, Cebu

After dipping at Obong Spring, we headed to Dalaguete Beach Park.

On our way to becoming charcoals (charcoal-skinned) ahahha

We rode at the back of the pickup to feel the summer breeze and well…Greg wanted to get a tan; so, I guess it was appropriate. 😀

Ze beach

Love that there are trees by the beach in Dalaguete beach park.

Grilling pork under a tree by the beach
A shade and a view…siesta time!!

The beach park is a lot less crowded than Tingko Beach on a Sunday morning.

Argao Nature Park

Since Teddy wanted to take photos and stroll around Argao’s Nature Park, to the park we went!

Plaza just across Argao Nature Park
Plaza just across Argao Nature Park
Rice fields near the park
Rice fields near the park

My eyes gleamed with happiness and joy when we reached Argao’s Plaza. Right across the nature park’s entrance are swings, slides and STREET FOOD!!! hooorray! Just what I was looking for. 🙂

Treating ourselves to Kwek-kwek and Tempura!
Greg, what are you doing?? O.o hahaha

Just when we were heading for the park’s entrance… Greg and I saw an ice cream container and… poof! all of sudden decided to buy a cup to satisfy our sweet teeth! 😀

Mangoey and Milkey goodness...yum!
Mangoey and Milkey goodness…yum!

Argao Nature’s Park entrance fee is just 5.00 pesos.

You can enjoy the hanging bridge/canopy, go boating, wall climbing, ziplining or just taking simple walks in Argao’s Nature Park.

It’s a cute place for kids on a field trip and adults craving for simple adventures. It’s also a pretty relaxing place to chill at for those who just want to chillax.

A Bridge and a statue of Mama Mary
A Bridge and a statue of Mama Mary
The bridge upclose
The bridge upclose
Look up and see this

Before we moved our way out of south cebu’s countryside, we stopped at Chitang’s Torta in Argao and of course, Mat-mat’s Chicharon in Carcar to buy pasalubong.

Famous Torta de Argao
Famous Torta de Argao

A Happy Sunny Sunday, overall 🙂


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