VOLWORK: An Evening with Child Advocates

There are plenty of children in the Philippines who need the care of a loving family. 1 out of 20 Filipino children is orphaned or completely abandoned. Around 6 million children under the age of 5, die of hunger each year. 3 out of 10 Filipino households have a child working to feed their families.

Every child deserves a decent place he can call home, a safe community, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, clean water to drink, a loving family, friends…to feel loved, safe and special, to play, and to just be a child and have fun.

A child who has experienced a happy childhood will be better equipped to develop his/her potential to the fullest later in life. A family is one of the best factors in an environment for a happy childhood experience.

Children need education, and a chance and opportunity to grow too.

The heartbreaking reality is that many children are deprived of these due to the mire of poverty and the unfortunate situations and circumstances they are in.

I have always wanted to help, but didn’t know where to start.
I thank God for having found SOS Children’s Villages, an NGO providing long-term family-based care and education to children in need. Through them, I have been able to feel more fulfilled in the field of service. That feeling of happiness of being able to help those who you are not, in any way, related to without getting anything in return…. PRICELESS.


Ever since the day I started a Reading class for the kids there, the small toed, mischievous but sweet 4 to 8 yr olds’ forever etched their footprints in my heart and life.

I hope I made a difference in their lives for they have made a difference in mine.

An Evening with Child Advocates

This gathering is, as Ms. Del quotes, “An SOS International Day Celebration”.
And, I am grateful to have been invited to this wonderful event.

Being a teacher and a friend to the children in SOS and making them happy has always been one of my causes.

I never considered myself that important. I mean… I know I help around the organization, but what are those compared to the donations from large corporations and firms?
But as Ms. Del says, there is no such ‘ small thing’ when it comes to helping and kindness.
Thank you SOS for valuing me. Thank you for making me realize I made an impact in the lives of the children and youth.
I sound exaggerating, I know, like I won an Emmy or something, but it does kinda feel like that in some ways…although I am not really sure how receiving-an-Emmy feels like. LOL
All I know is that it feels great, fulfilling and that it is a blessing. I’m just overjoyed.

It’s not about the ego, but about doing my part in the world – giving back, lending a helping hand and in being a good example.



Thank You, SOS for a wonderful evening. 🙂



More info about SOS Childrens’ Village – Cebu

SOS Children’s Villages Philippines is a private, non-political, non-denominational organization providing long-term family-based care and education to children in need.

In each SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE, each child finds a family, growing together with BROTHERS AND SISTERS in the same HOUSE, under the love and care of a MOTHER who raises him as her own.

With friends who help them provide for their needs, they aim to provide A LOVING HOME FOR EVERY CHILD.

SOS Children’s Village is an ideal place for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and children in extreme difficult circumstances belong to a home and family, where competent and responsible SOS Mothers and co-workers provide unconditional love, inspiration, support and encouragement for these children to take their place in society, enriched with their God-given talents, and contribute their share to the progress of the human family.

What SOS Children do in Cebu SOS Children supports families living in the local community, as well as providing a home for children who have lost parental care. Our family support programme assists families who could be at risk of abandoning their children. They work closely with local authorities to help families to care for their children and give nutritional, educational and health support. When needed, they also provide counselling and advice on parenting skills. Essential medical treatment is available from the SOS Social centre. In SOS Children’s Village Cebu, children who have lost parental care can find a loving home.

Here, they live in an SOS family, grow up with their SOS brothers and sisters, and are affectionately cared for by an SOS Mother. Young children attend the SOS nursery, along with children from the local community. Day care services are really valued by parents who go out to work or receive training. Children from SOS families go to local schools, as well as events organised by the local community. Likewise, activities that SOS Children host are open to neighbouring families. They offer special support to children in our care according to their individual needs, for example help with school work or providing therapy.

As children grow up, they can take part in the SOS youth programmes, where they are supported on their journey to independence. Young people in Cebu are supported as they complete vocational training courses, attend higher education and look for work.

SOS Childrens’ Village Cebu has been taking care of abandoned and orphaned children for a long time now. They have provided hope for these children and giving them a brighter future.

Come and visit the institution some time!


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  1. justme3362 says:

    That’s great! I miss volunteering, and hope to get time for it soon 🙂

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