40.7 degrees Celsius

June 22, 2014



I stare at Riri lying on the floor in my Mom and Dad’s room, shivering and looking tired with those small, droopy eyes of hers.

Riri’s been acting really strange since morning. She didn’t eat. She didn’t drink. She didn’t even bother dealing with the ice cubes in front of her for which she usually goes crazy about. She sniffed her favorite treats but did not bother to eat them. She didn’t bark. She didn’t play.
She usually jumps and goes ecstatic when we arrive home but today, when my parents got in the door, she just walked slowly, paused and walked slowly again to greet mom and dad. Her ears are dropped and pinned a little tight to her head and her tail is looking lifeless…dangling, hanging down.

Pretty unusual.

Riri’s definitely not feeling O.K.


We are so thankful we made it on time at the vet. They close at 8:00 pm and we got there 5 minutes before 8.

When mom and dad walked in to get the doctor to check Riri, the doctor smiled and greeted us, asked a few questions and observed our white fur-ball.

“She’s definitely in pain”, the doctor concluded.

I felt a rush of tingly waves under my skin that made me shudder inside.

She took some blood from Riri’s white slightly feeble leg, and went to the Lab for the blood-count test.

“Low platelet”

There was silence.

Riri’s gone through anemia when she was a few months younger and we’re sure not happy to hear about ‘low platelet levels’ again.

I turned to Mom and I can see the worry in her face.

“Let’s check her temperature.”, the doctor suggested as she reached for the thermometer.

Earlier today, I came across several information about fever in dogs while googling about what Riri’s condition might be…

“If your dog is showing any or all of these signs, she probably has a fever.

  • Lethargy – check

  • Depressed mood – check

  • Shivering – check

  • Loss of appetite – check

  • Vomiting

  • Coughing

  • Nasal discharge” –  check

She’s not coughing or vomiting (Thank God) but she does seem like she’s having a fever.

“40.7 degrees”, said the doctor’s assistant.

“Oh no!!! High Fever!”, I thought to myself, screaming.

Masking my worry with a smile, I nodded.

The doctor sat on her desk, wrote several notes and talked to us about Riri’s condition. She and Mom had a 2-minute conversation and there I was, standing beside the door facing them probably with a blank stare.

“… challenged immune system…”

I heard everything she said, but I just can’t seem to internalize every single word.

“Will she need antibiotics, Doctor?”

She stood up. “We’ll give her four shots for her fever and we’ll have her take other follow up prescription meds and supplements…” That was all I remember  her say.  The rest was a blur.



‘A stressful, surreal blur.’

I’m so grateful Mom’s around in a time like this. I sometimes have a hard time grasping everything when I’m all crowded with worry and fear. And, unfortunately, this was one of those times where I got flipped to worry-land.

“4 injection shots! Poor, Riri.”

After a few more minutes of conversation with the doctor, we headed home.

8:45pm – Home

Riri’s tail held up in a curl and wagged.  That, surely gave me a little sigh of relief.

She was feeling a little bit better, I guess.
I hope she recovers fast.



Her fever’s going up and down. She’s still lethargic, shivering, has nasal discharges, looks depressed and still doesn’t have the appetite.
I think she’s starting to cough too, but she barks now and walks around the house more. She’s a bit more active than she was yesterday.

Please, get well soon Riri. Pleaasse. 😦
I hate seeing you looking exhausted and skinny.



It’s 2 AM and my mom woke me up with a worried voice asking if we could get Emergency Service for Riri.

I usually wake up around 2:30 so, I started moving my butt to research about/find the closest vet hospital that offered 24 hr emergency service.

6:10 AM – Office

My phone beeped. It was Dad.

Ehrlichia Positive”

…and a few notes about the possible total amount of expenses.

Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital Entrance
Riri at the Hospital


6 Days later…


Hospital Fees:

Professional Fee – Initial – xxx
Emergency Fee – xxxx
CBC – xxx
Comprehensive Blood Test – xxxx
Ehrlichia Test – xxx
Fluid Therapy – xxx
Hospitalization  – xxxx
Frontline Spray – xxxx
Vibravet Tablets – xxxx
Canine Red Cell – xxx
Professional Fee – in house – xxxx
IV Fluids – xxxx
Meal/Food – xxx

Vet Clinic Check-up and Fees:

B Complex – xxx
Nutri-plus gel – xxx
and all other fees including prescribed  meds and vitamins during the first vet clinic visit – xxxx

Plus, poor, sick Riri. 
Talk about financial and emotional stress.

I’m broke from all the expenses.

We visited the 1-hr-away veterinary hospital every single day just to check on Riri and how she’s doing.

It’s so hard not to worry.

Extremely hard.

She spent almost 6 days there and she still has scheduled lab tests (some time next week and onward) plus antibiotic and multivitamin prescriptions.

But, Riri’s back home and I’m incredibly thankful that she’s recovering fast.

She now plays again, eats more than she used to and is energetic as ever.

I can sleep better now. 🙂

Happy 1st of July and Welcome Home, Riri!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. YellowCable says:

    That meant it is curable right? I hope Riri gets better now.

    1. Monica says:

      It is. I felt so relieved when the vet told us her Ehrlichia is still possibly in an acute stage.
      She’s currently confined in the hospital and is under observation. We visited her yesterday afternoon and she looked like she felt a lot better than earlier that morning. 🙂
      I hope she recovers fast.

      Thank you so much for your concern and care. 🙂

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