PROMPTS: Getting Back to Life over the weekend

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?


July was a relentlessly tedious month for me so, this got me thinking.

A few minutes later, I realized that the answer for me is quite simple.

In a regular weekend 

(without planned get-togethers, events, parties, vacations or short getaways and excluding weekend chore routines),

To have a good time with one’s self, with family, friends, nature and God would be more than enough.

1. One’s self (Me time)


After a tiring week, there’s totally nothing like a cup of tea, a warm towel and a good sleep after a relaxing spa session.

I always make it a point to get myself a good body massage once or twice a month. I need these muscle tissues relaxed!


   I started counting my calorie intake earlier this year after a ton of research on how to live a healthy life while losing weight. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not overly obsessed in counting nor do I starve myself.  I just do it to keep track of what I put in my body. 

Fruits and veggies help me eat more without having to feel guilty about the count.  If I do exceed the amount of calories my body burns without exercise, I immediately perform a spinning session. It helps me feel lighter, increases my stamina and makes me feel less guilty.  


With a hectic schedule, I often find myself not having the time to read a good book during the weekdays not quite like I used to  a year or so ago.
Thankfully, the weekend exists and I get to devour a glorious paperback with some cookies and coffee on the side.

2. Food


What would the weekend be without  food? I calorie-count, yes! But, I also  give in to my food cravings every now and then. Anyway, I can always burn the calories with exercise.  

3. Family and Friends


Good things and experiences are a little ‘less good’ without someone to share it with.  When our piggy banks are empty,  we just simply spend time visiting the nearby park and grocery store, strolling around nearby beaches or sea-side parks, eating cheap street food, doing artsy stuff at home, or watching movies/TV series eps  while talking and laughing over some simple snack or dish we cooked using random ingredients from our kitchen.  Sometimes, some friends sleep over too. More fun. Yay!


Riri weighs 31kg, and most of the time it gets a little too laborious to give Riri a bath at home.
So, we often have her groomed at a pawrlor at Parkmall, and walk her in the park right after. Although we always bond with Riri, the furkid needs to stroll and have fun some other place too. 


 I was a little down during the course of the week and had my share of little dark moments.  Then, poof! my phone beeped and a message from a close friend popped in my inbox asking me how I was doing. Close and real friends, you can always talk to and who will always be there for you, are blessings . Many I may not get to see often, but they never made me feel alone. 

4. Nature

I’ve always loved spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I live in a suburban area and blessed to have easy access to both the city and the beach/sea-side. The mountains aren’t that close, but are not that far either.     

If you are from the metro,  you have to cross a bridge to get to our place (Yes, that’s the one up there — my banner).  Crossing it was always refreshing, unless you’re in the middle of traffic of course.  

I think the bridge routine is one of the daily luxuries many people in my hometown don’t really take time to savor anymore, probably because ‘we’ (those who work in the city) cross the bridge every single day.

One time, my sister’s boyfriend, who was from a larger metropolitan in the country, paid us a visit.  Every time the cab crosses the bridge, he never fails to feel the fresh air and love the scenery and the wind blowing through his hair (even when in public transport). My sister and I were a little puzzled and asked him why he always had that satisfied look on his face every time the cab crosses the bridge. He only replied, “There’s nothing like this in the city I work in. It’s way polluted there”.

That ‘oh’ moment of realization. 


A relaxing view of the sea by the bridge on the ride home is something that I take time enjoy up to this day.

Even Riri loves it.

5. God


I am not a very religious person, but I am spiritually inclined. Two things I usually do when I am happy or when I’m burdened with things are prayer and lighting of some candles at my town’s parish. Through this, I feel more centered, more in tune with the present, less anxious about the past or the future. It’s like casting burdens to the big boss and getting the assurance that every thing is as planned, will eventually turn out great and will all be for the best.

So, I guess that’ll be all.:)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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