Away to Aloguinsan

A few weeks ago, the band of itchy-feet homebuddies decided to visit Aloguinsan’s little Palawan — the Bojo River. We made early reservations for the Bojo River Eco-cultural Ttour just to be sure we won’t go home with regrets.

Oct. 4, 2014

We met up early in the morning (the usual) and drove our way down to the small but beautiful town, south west of Cebu.

We had so much fun chatting that we didn’t realize we were already in Barili’s town proper. Silly, silly us. 😛  We accidentally forgot to turn right in Mantalungon, so we drove back to get to the long and winding, lonely, blind-curves-and-all but beautiful and serene Mantalungon – Aloguinsan road.

We arrived at Aloguinsan around 7:30 am. The weather was nice. It was a beautiful day. The tour in charge met us at the town’s public market which by far had the best marketplace design I’ve ever seen in Cebu – clean, well ventilated, well maintained and a contemporary wood design finish.

At an angle, it even looks like the Ayala Center Cebu’s Terraces — a pretty good taste when it comes to structural design despite being in a small town in the countryside. The marketplace was the first thing that made me fall in love with the town.  Not ‘baryo-ish’ at all.

Bojo River


The eco-cultural tour takes you to  Bojo River, one of the major tributaries in Aloguinsan, where a community of fishermen and their families operate the educational and entertaining tour.

We opted for the  6-10 group package.

Pretty Lei
Pretty Lei
Care for some coco juice? ^^

Package includes mangrove ecology and bird wildlife lecture,


a buffet lunch,


a cruise down the river


Bojo River Aloguinsan (19)



Bojo River Aloguinsan (88)
Oooh. Someone found a wand-like branch. hehe “expecto patronum!!” LOL


Our friendly guide, Kuya Noel.

and many more…

Tour proceeds fund community projects and provide alternative income to the fishermen and their families.


Someone’s getting her plate ready. 😀 hehe guess who!? 😀

After enjoying the scrumptious lunch of fresh sinugbang isda (grilled tuna),  utan bisaya with manok, kinilaw nga paliya, humba, kamote juice, and some fruits, it was time for the handicraft demo.  We successfully created our own little coasters made from dried nipa.

Baluarte Park

Baluarte Aloguinsan (2)

Beside Aloguinsan’s Municipal Hall, you can view the ruins of a watchtower (baluarte) dating to the Spanish period. The Baluarte today serves as a historic centerpiece on a lovely bay side park and a beautiful face to relax to the view of the Tanon Strait.


friends…chillin’ at the park


Farm House

Our snacks were served at the Farm House.

The Farm House entrance

The farm house looks slightly like a modern bahay-kubo with an organic vegetable garden and an organic piggery.

The Farm in Aloguinsan (4)


The Farm in Aloguinsan (13)
Our Snacks! Hooorrayy!

Sikwate, linung-ag nga saging, ginamos, pan bisaya, pan salbaro, kamote, puto, and biko — our snack servings were more delectable than we ever imagined. I had a really hard time stopping myself from overindulging.

We’re actually glad we did not buy any chicheria. The tour had us covered. There was more than enough to eat.
The Farm in Aloguinsan (5)It is awesome how eco-tourism changed this quiet and beautiful town into something much much more.

On our way home, we took the Balamban – Trans-central Highway route, and stopped at Sibugay to buy some corn and sweet potatoes.

Happy Happy Saturday!

The Tour Rate

Bojo River Eco-Cultural Tour
Duration: 3 hours
6-10persons – Php 650.00/head

The price and package may change without prior notice. It is best to contact them via phone during office hours.

For more information, contact Sir Rudney @ 0905-9133-055.

Budget Breakdown:

Php 175 .00 – Fuel (per person for a group of 6)
Php 650.00 – Bojo River Eco Reserve tour rate
Php 10.00 – Baluarte Watch Tower Entrance fee
Php 75.00 – Corn and Sweet Potatoes at Sibugay, Transcentral highway
Php 35.00 – Fare to and from home and meet-up/drop off place

Total:  P 945.00


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