Kinhas 101

Manginhas  is a Cebuano term; a tradition for those living near the sea wherein they look for sea shells early in the morning and/or in the afternoon when the tide is low.

These shells can then be sold in the market or can be prepared for dinner.

My family and I live in an island and it’s funny that we rarely do this.


Then one day,

Armed with our spoons and plastic bags, we  walked our way to the land of seaweed, mud, coral stones and sand to look for edible shellfish.

my first few…yeey!

Despite being a noob, I  started bragging to my sister and mom about the good number of shellfish I found. (just for fun’s sake really)

Then, a veteran manginginhas happened to pass by holding a nylon bag FULL of kinhason (shellfish). My sister and mom looked at me with that ‘yeah right’ expression on their faces and started  giggling.

Oh kay…No more bragging. hahaha


We were blessed with a wonderful weather that day and we bagged quite a number of kinhason and oysters.


A few hours later at home….

TADAAAHH! the fruits of our labor

cooked2 cooked1

It was pretty awesome.

Looking forward to doing this again some time next month and the many months to come.

Gotta go now. I still have a wedding to attend. *quicklychangingclothes

Happy Saturday! 🙂


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