Another Dipping Trip (North)

Summer is always a time for escapades with family and friends.  And that means, it’s time for another dipping trip for the band of itchy feet home buddies.

In contrast to our previous dipping trip, we decided to take the route north.



It was around 4 am when I left the house to get to our usual meet-up spot. When I got to Jollibee, I found Doby and Ger-x sitting at a table, chatting and looking at their phones. Minutes later, Jessica arrived, and forty minutes later, we stood to our feet, went out the diner, crossed the street, and hopped on to our ride with the rest of the gang — Greg, Mitch, Riza and Ryan.

From Mandaue to Liloan

We stopped by Lilo-an’s Public Market to do some food shopping. Fish, squid, some sweet potatoes, banana, eggs, and some spices, charcoal for the grill, rosquillos, suman and mangoes…to name a few of the things and food we bought.

Drive to Sogod 

And so the road trip begins… Jokes, laughter, fun chit-chats, stories, and singing filled the car as we passed by the city/towns of Lilo-an, Compostela, Danao, Carmen and Catmon. When we reached Sogod, we didn’t really have a clue as to where to stop or turn to get to Binaliw Spring. I told them that all I remembered when googling was a ‘Binaliw Spring, Bagatayam Falls’ medium-sized signboard that we need to look out for.

Ryan drove and drove, but from the sight of the hills in the next corner, we knew (or had the feeling) we already went past Binaliw Spring. We continued to joke around, bought candies from a store, and then asked a friendly middle-aged lady selling beautiful mats for directions; we don’t really mind getting lost…we all know it’s all part of the adventure!

Confirmed. The car already drove past the spring. haha

We drove back and kept a watchful eye for sign boards….and alas! a big BAGATAYAM FALLS sign board caught our eyes.

Binaliw Spring, Sogod 

The car turned right and we are now treading on a small road. “Could this be the spring?” I asked myself as I saw several locals washing their clothes by a stream on the left side of the small road. Our friend continued driving, then came a dead end quarter of the way up the hill.

A flight of stairs beside the unfinished chapel lead us to the bottom of the hill and to the spring.

Binaliw Spring
Binaliw Spring
peace and relaxation
peace and relaxation
Binaliw Spring
breakfast by the spring



Maravilla Beach Park, Tabuelan

After driving the lonely road from Lugo, Borbon to Tabuelan, we again asked for directions to Barangay Maravilla and the Barangay Hall; before we knew it, the sight of a marvelous white sand beach unfolded before our very eyes.

Cottage Rental Rate is only 250.00.  (Proceed to the Barangay Hall to pay the fee)maravillabeachpark1

Our cottage
ze grill...getting ready for some meat and seafood lovin'
ze grill…getting ready for some meat and seafood lovin’
prepping up...
prepping up…



The water is so inviting that the scorching heat didn’t help us in resisting its charm. Plus, we brought ourselves some sunblock. We love summer and we don’t mind getting a tan, but we don’t like to end up with a bad-case of sunburn.

Drive To Tuburan

Right next to Tabuelan is the town of Tuburan; and although we, for the nth time, didn’t know where to stop or turn to get to Molobolo Spring, we managed to get there in less than 40 minutes, thanks to the friendly Tuburanons.

Molobolo Spring, Tuburan

I did expect Molobolo Spring to be crowded. I mean, come on, it’s a sunny Saturday in summer.  But despite that, I was still a bit surprised (with matching dropped jaws). The spring was packed! and I mean really packed.

Nevertheless, we dipped to refresh ourselves and to change clothes. We were so overwhelmed by the crowd that we forgot to take photos in the spring. LOL. I only took photos on our way out.

To Molobolo Spring

To Molobolo Spring

To Molobolo Spring

To Molobolo Spring

To Molobolo Spring

Road Trip to Balamban and Transcentral Highway…. to City

We were so busy chatting, while trailing yet whining about a smoke-belching van in front of us, that we got so occupied and hardly noticed we were already in Talavera, Toledo… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the route to Cebu Transcentral Hi-way.  HAHA

We planned on visiting The Temple of Leah in Busay, but driving to and from Toledo took a lot of our time.

So, we drove back, bought corn at Brgy Sibugay and made a stop at Ayala Mall.

Trancentral HiWay

It was fun, fun, fun!

Here’s to getting lost and to more fun Saturdays this summer and beyond!!! 🙂 😀 😉


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