Dogs Day Out

Riri went out for a vacation with her fellow furballs from mom’s side of the family, and had us humans tag along.

We left around 7 in the morning and arrived at Tingko Beach in Alcoy around 10-ish.


It was a hot summer day. We humans prepared the table and the food while the furballs waited.

After eating breakfast, Lucy, Yasmine, Bailey, Fiona and Lyka made their way to the beach…digging, swimming, dipping in the water, walking and running their furry paws in the sand.

Riri, on the other hand, took time to observe the surroundings. It took her a little while to get used to the crowd. She felt she had the need to reflect and familiarize herself with the place before she gets anywhere near water or the sand.  Or, she’s probably just scared of getting a tan. LOL

An hour-of-observation later, Riri decided to join the others to swim and bask herself under the sun.

The gang with them humans. (Kuya Janjan as furball walker :D)

(L-R: Bailey the Beagle, Lucy the Labrador, Fiona the Jack Russel mix, Lyka the Great Dane, Yasmine the German Shepherd, and to the right…our Riri, the Akita)

Human-mom feeling all ‘Caesar Millan’-ish. Peace, mom! 😀

In the evening, Riri joined us for some relaxing night swim too.

She sat at the edge of the sandy shore just enough for the waves to reach her. The waves broke and spread its waters swiftly over the shore, where Riri sat, and the furball looked satisfied. I think she loved feeling the gentle warm currents against her body and the soft sound of crashing waves.

She wasn’t like this during the day when the place was packed.

I guess she prefers the beach with only us, her family, and herself.

Riri continued to watch us swim, and I continued to observe (or spy on) Riri.

It was fun to see Riri enjoying the soft punch of the waves against her neck and body. I rarely witness furballs that just sit at the shoreline and feel the waves the same way most humans who do not know (and do know) how to swim do — to just actually stay there and not be tempted to swim farther and play with the waves.

Such composure.

If you come to think of it…

It’s actually kind of funny.



Riri loves nature

The next morning, Riri strolled along the shoreline just before sunrise.

She loved staring at the horizon.

Is it just me? or is this furball really just dramatic?LOL


Extra photos of the furball’s human brothers and sisters taking time to enjoy the beach:




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