The Sunday Currently | Vol. 1

Good Morning! Wow, that went fast. It’s  Sunday already. Felt like it was just a few minutes ago when I had my nails done on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

When it’s already Sunday

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been really busy at work and school. Then, I came across Sidda Thornton’s and Maine Mendoza’s blog, and saw this ‘The Sunday Currently’ which I thought I’d do too.

On this first-time-to-write-the-sunday-currently kind of Sunday, I am currently…

reading   Aldub tweets. HAHA I know, I’m baduy like that. But, whatever. I just find it really entertaining. I’m a fan and I won’t deny it. Hi Alden! *pabebe wave* :*
writing  This blog entry. (Yey!) At last, after a few months of hiatus; I finally had the time to write something in my blog.
listening  to Wherever you are by One OK Rock . I really want to watch their concert on January 19th in Manila, but dammit! the plane tickets are so expensive!
thinking about what I really want in life. It seems like my thoughts and plans are always changing. I guess this is what they call quarter life crisis, eh?
smelling the chocolate breakfast cereal drink I just ate (or drank?). I really like a cup of coffee, but I’m currently on ‘coffee-abstinence’ thanks to my acidic tummy. *sigh
wishing for peace? for Alden and Maine to become real life sweethearts (HAHA I’m not even kidding) and a fresh new start for me.
hoping for less stress in the upcoming weeks. My plate is so full these days that I haven’t had the time to even do yoga or arrange my closet. Shheessshh. I feel so disorganized and out of sync.  waaaahhhhh. >o<
wearing a big loose black shirt and pj’s
loving  the fact that I’m writing this post. I’m not just adding a new blog entry, but this turns out to be reflective in some ways.
wanting to dye my hair! I loooooooooove dyeing my hair. it’s a weakness. But recently, i’ve been thinking of giving my hair a break. It’s becoming dry and a bit brittle. Oh, the guilt. (I’m so sorry, hair!)
I hope I can control myself up until December.
needing a long week of rest and relaxation. TRAAVEEELLLL!!! 
feeling tired. I dunno. I slept well last night, but I still feel tired and a bit lethargic. I still have to decipher why I’m feeling this way.
clicking  I have a love-affair with this website. ❤
Well, that’s all for this week. Hope you all have a great Sunday! Buuuhhbye! ^.^
Carrying the TSC Tradition:

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  1. elvs says:

    Nice blog. Came across your site via Siddathornton. Funny how we started this Sunday Currently ‘coz of Maine Mendoza. Also an Aldub fan here. *pabebe wave*

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