The Sunday Currently | Vol. 3

And so it’s already Sunday…

That escalated quickly…

I’m not sure If I’m ready for Monday. If I don’t sleep tonight, will Monday still come? HAHA

Anyhow, just as I was going to step out of the house earlier this morning, my GS class got cancelled the last minute. So much for waking up early today, eh? *sigh I hate waking up with an alarm clock during the weekend.
Then again, because I was up real early it’s been a slightly productive day.  Was able to arrange stuff in the closet, was able to clean my room and organize documents, papers, receipts and etc…

I’m even writing this post early! So, here goes…

On this not-so-ready-for-Monday Sunday afternoon, I am currently:

reading some no-bake dessert recipes. My sister and I are planning to make Matcha Mushipan today (from Cooking with Dog’s Youtube  channel), and I just thought of browsing and reading other dessert recipes that doesn’t have anything to do with an oven.

writing this blog entry. I’m lovin’ the thought that I’m getting used to writing this every Sunday.

listening to FT Island’s ‘Girls Don’t Know’. FT Island is a Korean pop/ rock band (not a boy-group/boyband…ok? They play instruments and sing. They don’t dance lol). When I was younger, I was into K-pop/K-drama. Haven’t listened to their songs for a long while now. While I was cleaning my room earlier, I was playing all the songs on my phone (in shuffle mode) and the song came up…and boom! I’m a Primadonna (FT Island’s fan base) all over again. Hi Lee Hongki idol! :*

Hongki..whoah. still so young and thin in this gif 🙂

thinking about what the upcoming week will bring. I’ve been given a different task at work (one with more responsibilities) and I’m not really comfortable about the idea. Been there, done that. I don’t want to dive into those kind of things anymore. But, what can I do? My manager insisted. *sigh  How can you do something, when you don’t  want to or don’t want to believe you can do it again in the first place?

Although I appreciate the fact that my boss has full faith and confidence in my ability to deliver, to do a good job…but, my my my…No pressure there, huh? (*sarcasm)

This is too much. I don’t want this.

I am not even done with all the requirements for the final stretch of this semester, schoolwise. WAAHHHHH!!!

AAAAHHHHHHH (warfreak Leonidas Style)

smelling The Body Shop’s Vanilla EDT. Just sprayed some on my wrist 20 minutes ago. I loooooove the smell of vanilla. yum!

 wishing to feel better and not be so pessimistic about the upcoming week (s).

hoping to get back on track emotionally, mentally, physically — to basically manage the stress I’m going through right now.

wearing green gym pants and a white shirt.

loving that my family is always here for me. They’re always here to share problems and issues with, to have fun with while helping me divert my stresses somewhere. Thank you, Papa God for blessing me with a wonderful family.

wanting to just get away… get away from all the things that stress me out.

needing a diversion. Will probably finish the ‘Damsel Under Stress’ book by Shanna Swendson tonight. It’s kinda relatable (see ‘under stress’ in book title LOL) and it’ll prolly make a good diversion. I’ve been extremely busy and have been stuck on the first few chapters for weeks now. It’s time to finish the story.

feeling jittery inside. internal tremors… ugh. Anxiety, Anxiety. I need  365 paid rest days between Sunday and Monday.

screams internally (cersei style)

clicking the Videos folder in my local drive. Searching for the 300 movie (2006). Why does Leonidas have to die?? 2015, and I still can’t get over it. LOL

Okay! I’m done. Hope you all have a great and blessed Sunday!

This Mamma Mia supertrouper gif is not necessary. The movie just makes me feel good. 😉

imma watch Mamma Mia again for good vibes too

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