The Sunday Currently | Vol 5

Happy Sunday Morning!


I’m here in our living room with my family watching TV while trying to complete my Final Paper for this semester. I honestly could not think of any answer to the questions my professor listed so I decided to start writing TSC to divert my thoughts for a little while.

So while I’m trying to keep my mind off my Final paper, I’m currently:


tweets and Instagram comments about ‘Tamang Panahon’. Di uso ang move on  😀


this blog entry. Sooo tired of thinking what to write on my Final Paper.


to Sunday Pinasaya playing in the background.


about kilig moments and my to-dos for  today and the upcoming week. *scansthroughorganizer

checking notes


the coffee I just drank and the five cranes menthol inhaler I’ve been rubbing on my forehead (and been sniffing) since yesterday.



for menstrual cramps and headache to go away so I can start going to the gym and box.


to lose weight before the trip this November.


a lavender flowery  casual summer dress and jogging pants (I know…it’s a weird combi HAHA)


how I am not that affected with stress these past few days. thank you, lord for giving me peace of mind.


to dine out all week long and go on a vacation all month long….:D


more rest and time off electronic gadgets. I need to rest my eyes.


a whole lot better than the previous week…and pretty happy.

*thumbs up


Microsoft Word to finish my Final paper. *sigh

Wish me luck!

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

Carrying the TSC Tradition:
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  1. Thank u..ha..ha. U have a good one, too. 😉

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