The Suddenly Currently | Vol 6

Good afternoon!

What a productive day. Just finished packing for my trip next week; done organizing the clothes in my closet space and just completed a quick yoga practice and a couple of sun salutations.


I’m about to take a shower, but I’ve decided to squeeze this into my schedule…it’s now time for The Sunday Currently!

This afternoon I am currently:

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The Sunday Currently: Vol 6

♫♪”I’m addicted to you! hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug…I can’t get enough of”♫♪

Addicted to you by Avicii  (the 2015 close up commercial song…yes.) 

about what the future holds. What will I be a year from now. Will i have the same goals today. Will i be somewhere else. You know…those sort of questions.


the lemon in my infused water.

for a longer vacation week and more cash hahaha

to get more fit and to consistently  afford a healthy lifestyle (juicecolored! ang mahal ng organic products!)

a purple towel and gray gym shorts

the thought that i’ll be on a vacation next week! wohooo! Thank you Lord for another chance to travel.

to just sit, relax and not think about tomorrow’s work and to-dos.

more time to hit the gym, and a good body massage

a bit excited about the upcoming week. except for tomorrow (Monday) though.

Google Drive. Have to upload something.

Have a great evening! 🙂

Carrying the TSC Tradition:
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