101 Random Things About Me: Part 1

*deep breath*

Here goes…

1. My playlist goes all the way from punk rock and alternative to classical music and Disney movie soundtracks…and everything in between….in shuffle mode. And no, I don’t get headaches. Mood swinger ang peg ng playlist haha

2. I looooooooooooooooooooove street food.

3. I prefer veggies to pork meat…with the exemption of pork barbecue, pinabagtik na lechon and tocino.

4. I prefer corn grits to rice. In fact, I haven’t eaten rice (as in kanin …the one especially cooked for an ulam) for a year or so now. I eat lugaw though. I love lugaw paired with vegetable lumpia that’s dipped in sweet and sour sauce. (merkado sa opon here I come!)

6. I have a lot of celebrity crushes, and i mean a LOT! You need all your toes and fingers (and your friends’ BWAHAHA) to count. Zac Efron takes the number 1 spot…and oh, David Beckham and Travis Fimmel too.*wink wink*

7. I watch Mamma Mia, Mean Girls, Devil Wears Prada and Disney movies when I feel down.

8. I love ngohiong especially when it’s dipped in sweet and sour sauce. One time, I ate the same old ngohiong meal for 2 straight weeks just because I couldn’t stop myself from buying and wanting to eat it. Weird craving huh?

9. I like chicken liver, gizzard and intestines…more than the skin or meat.

10. I’m moody. Mood swings from 0 to 60 in a blink of an eye.

11. I don’t look like it, but I’m weird and crazy. Ask my close friends and cousins…you’ll find out why. Yung tipong mukhang nag katol…or parang high hahaha

12. I have a looooot of crazy thoughts and a ton of imagination.

13. I like anime. Once got addicted to it actually. Even bought a few manga a long time ago. Haven’t watched any series recently though. Last one I followed was Kuruko No Basuke.

14. I’m more goofy(and sweet) than romantic.

15. I ALWAYS have a low-batt-phone situation if there’s some commotion going on or a happening. Napapafacepalm nlng lageh sister ko bec. of this haha. Anyway, I just bought myself a powerbank so I guess di na to prob. Nganong nagtagalog tagalog man ko? HAHA

16. I love quarter-and/or-long-sleeve dresses and tops (especially quarter-sleeve backless or off-shoulder). I don’t like my elbows exposed. Blame it on my not-so-beautiful arm.

17. I prefer wearing skirts, dresses and/or leggings. You’ll hardly see me wearing jeans although I wear it on some occasions. I DON’T LIKE WEARING FORMAL SLACKS. (Capslock para intense)

18. I skim through the nutritional info of every food or drink I put in my mouth. I google the product if i don’t see a nutri info label. Don’t judge me; it’s a habit.

19. I’m a half sarcastic and half sentimental type of friend. Depends on the situation.

20. I am the nicest and kindest person you’ll ever meet until you piss me off.

21. I love cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts and pastries more than ice cream.

22. I can eat a whole pack of FLAT TOPS in one sitting. I’d choose it over Tobleron any day.

23. The Spongebob time cards make me giggle.

24. I prefer the aisle seat in a plane. The window has a good view, but I’m kinda scared of heights and I don’t really like peeping out the window. 😀

25. I don’t eat okra, tisa (canistel/egg fruit) and marang (johey oak). blech!

26.  I love chewy food! except for gum.

27. I listen to classical music and opera when I want to focus or when I’m studying.

28. I listen to alternative rock music (MCR, FoB, RJA, Evanescence, Paramore, etc…) when I’m emotional. There’s something about high pitch vocals and shrieks, screams and hardcore punk rock yelling and shouting vocals that make me all teary-eyed.

29. I google about world mysteries a lot. Whether they be solved, unsolved, under investigation? whatever; I like to research info about it. I get really curious about unexplained and strange things in this world. 🙂

30. Ancient History fascinates me.

31. I enjoy poetry.

32. I’m an ambivert.  I love people as much as I love my solitude. yes…a sociable hermit. LOL 😉

33. I cannot function well without my pen and notebook/planner. I don’t look at it all the time, but I have to at least check it twice a day — one before my day starts and one before my day ends. My phone can sometimes play substitutes though.

34. I’m a pluviophile. The sound of pouring rain showers,  the patter of rain and the sound of crackling thunder… ahhh exhilarating. ❤

35. I prefer a small room than a large one. I don’t know why, but small spaces make me feel safe and secure…like a hideaway of some sort. I enjoy curling in bed, sleeping under the covers or with my back against the wall and my pillows on the other side of me. That ‘nook-feeling’ for lack of a better word.
And speaking of nooks, I love reading nooks with a window. Nothing beats curling up in there with a book and a hot beverage.

36. When it comes to gifts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant. It does need to be thoughtful though. Often, it is the thoughtful, simple, and unique things that mean the most.

37. I can listen to Hayley Reinhart’s song renditions all day long. *browses YouTube for Post Modern Jukebox’s ‘All about the bass’ cover and the Extra Gum Commercial 2015 – The Story of Sarah and Juan*
That ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ cover gives me goosebumps. Every. Single. Time!

38. I prefer stuffed toys and plushies over dolls. Thank you ‘Child’s Play’ and ‘Dolly Dearest’ for ruining my childhood. HAHA

39. I once dreamed of becoming an astronaut until I saw Apollo 13. xD

40. I quit drinking sodas and other fizzy drinks a year ago.

41. Travelling the world is a life-long dream.

42. My attention span is really short sometimes. I easily get intrigued and distracted.  😀

43. I like bringing food for family and friends. I don’t know…I just like seeing them smile. Food brings people together y’know.

44. I used to collect earrings. Fave accessory! 🙂

45.  I suck…and I mean really suck at playing most computer/mobile action games that make characters slide, climb, string, jump and/or crawl. I never succeed in such type of games… even with something as simple as Temple Run. I don’t have the reflexes I guess hahah
I prefer strategy puzzles, and  logical and thinking games  like MU Complex and other non-combat genres. I played Diablo once though and I played goooood.

46. Trying to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I’m flexitarian at the moment.

47.  I like sleeping in the couch.

48. When eating lumpia, turon or siomai, the wrapper matters more to me than the filling. 😀

49. I love it when veggies are half-cooked.

50. I look strict and maarte, until you get to know me.

51. I’m a Gemini, Fire Tiger, Blood Type B, ENFP, Champion Idealist. If those mean anything.

This is supposed to be 101, but I decided to save the next 50 in another post.


Bye for now!


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  1. Alden Richards and ngiohong 💚💚💚

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