The Sunday Currently | Vol 7

‘Good Evening!

“Too tired to stay up, too awake to fall asleep”

Hardly had enough rest. Flight left 11-ish…   Arrived home past 1 am and slept around 3 earlier today.  My mind is still on vacation mode and I still have to unpack, arrange stuff, and deal with all other to-dos…

So, this will be a quick one.

This Sunday evening, I am currently:

Reading Instagram comments
Writing: The Sunday Currently: Vol 7
Listening to Stuart Little playing in the background
Thinking about the upcoming  work week *sigh* I need more vacation days!(or a new and more creative job? :P)
Smelling strawberries
Wishing for a new career path. More creative. good pay. good benefits…hopefully by January for a good start.
Hoping for an opportunity, a blessing
Wearing a sleeveless white shirt and green gym pants
Loving my vacation week . Haaaayyy I so miss Banaue and Sagada. So sad the vacation’s over.
Wanting to just travel and eat (without getting fat)
Needing more vacation days and as always, a good body massage
Feeling tired and unexcited
Clicking Google Drive. Need to download files.

Have a great evening! 🙂

Carrying the TSC Tradition:
This post is for the TSC blog link up at siddathornton. Share yours and link it up!


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