101 Random Things About Me: Part 2

101 Random Things About Me: Part 1

Hi, again!

so here’s the continuation…

52. I used to collect anime teks cards in high school. In fact, I still have my entire collection at home. For some reason, I still don’t have the heart to throw them all away . Hashtag sentimental value. 😀

53. Old soul or not, I love hand-written letters/notes. It’s is one of those little things that really make a big difference. It’s genuine. It’s real. A warm heartbeat in a sea of cold Arial font.
I miss receiving them in the mail just like the old days.

54. I frequently suffer from migraine and allergic rhinitis.

55. Top 3 cake flavors: Fruit Cake, Custard Cake and Chocolate Mousse.

56. If I buy canned tuna in the grocery store, it’s always San Marino. Plain Chili/Spicy tuna hihi 🙂

57. I like watching Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate old tagalog movies.

58. I like making up corny hugot/pickup lines/banat for fun’s sake. May pagka dramatic hahah. Hashtag slightly artistahon

59. There’s this one specific insect I’m really scared of…make that ‘I have a PHOBIA of’. I won’t mention it here, but even a photo of it makes me shudder, cry and faint (Not kidding or exaggerating). PHOBIA nga eh…

60. Baby talking to a pet– something i do… A LOT. I look ridiculous sometimes, but I really don’t care. I LOVE ANIMALS!

61. I think Anna Olson is one of the best bakers in the world.

62.I’m more into gourmand scents when it comes to perfume. VANILLA. ❤

63. The Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year. ♫♪ Christmas Christmas time is here…time for joys and time for cheers ♫♪

64. Cooking and Baking help me de-stress.

65. I don’t really have a sport. HAHA. I know, I know…I box and do yoga or pilates for fitness though. I also like to hike, trek and go nature-tripping and do some dancing. I also run on a treadmill. *big grin* Not sure if you consider those sports. *bigger grin* I wanted to try archery, but it’s too expensive for me.

66. I like photography.

67. I’d like to have a small fruit, vegetable and flower garden in my backyard one of these days. Food gardening is awesome.

68. I’d like to own a small and cozy, rustic yet glamorous, whimsical and eclectic-yet-simple, european-inspired garden cafe in the future. Beautiful green vines, flower vines, plants, bricks, glass windows, lamps, strings of light, good food… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

69. I love getting creative — arts and crafts, decorating, doing some preschool-teacher moves.

70. I support volunteering and community outreaches. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the world.

71. I love to read.

72. I enjoy dressing up …and down. 😉 😀

73. Writing is an outlet. It keeps me sane.

74. I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. I’ve watched all seasons for more than 5 times now… Valar Morgulis!

75. I stopped liking FB two years ago. If it weren’t for Messenger I would’ve deactivated it already. I’m more of a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, WordPress type of person. 🙂

76. I like Karaoke/Videoke, and I always sing ‘Ni Yao De Ai’ — that Meteor Garden song, every time I get the chance! hahaha

77. I easily get bored.

78. I like noodles. Ramen, ChaJangMyeon and Wanton Noodles! yum!

79. I like Mediterranean and Middle-eastern food.

80. I once dreamed of becoming a chef/baker (when I was around 7-12 i guess) but got scared I’d make a mistake and eventually poison somebody. hahaha I decided to leave the dream and made cooking/baking a hobby instead.

81. I had a lot of dream career/jobs when I was a kid.
Astronaut. Scientist. Historian/Ancient History Professor. Doctor. Nurse. Archaeologist/Paleontologist. Model/Singer/Performer/Artist (LOL). Chef/Baker. Interior Designer. Pre-school/GradeSchool (Early Childhood) Teacher. DJ/VJ. A Travel Show Host. Author/Writer. 😉

82. I’ve always wondered If I am ever meant to get married (and have kids). Hmmm…maybe someday, but not anytime soon that’s for sure. I hope to have a bestfriend in my future husband…whoever he is and if he does exist. lol

83. I like to annoy my mom and my sister sometimes hahahah I like teasing them. hihihi

84. I like balloons and have a thing for mugs (i collect ’em) and wax warmers with cute-to-awesome designs.

85. If you stare/glare at me, I will stare/glare back without blinking ’til you feel awkward.

86. I always have my earphones on when I’m commuting or when I’m riding/traveling via public transpo.

87. I WANT TO TRAVEL THE WORLD…go backpacking. It’s a life-long dream. ( I think I already mentioned this in 101 random things about me part 1. But, whatever. yun yon! paulit ulit lang…ganern!)

88. I love road trips! I don’t know how to drive though. 😀 😛

89. When I’m doing homework, I always have to have a movie/tv show playing in the background. Or when at work … a minimized video player on the lower side of the screen hihihi. When I’m cleaning, I need music…or a musical type of movie.

90. I pray every day. I also do more than one random prayers throughout the day. I pray the rosary before I go to work and write daily devo inspired notes in my planner/notebook. I’m not religious, just spiritually inclined.

91. I drink coffee AT LEAST once a day. HAHA I do my best to limit my intake. Fortunately, I can now manage to live with just one cup a day…sometimes xD.

92. I tend to smile or laugh at myself before I cry especially when I’m trying to hold back tears. COVER UP! 🙂

93. Fave Japanese Band: One OK Rock; Fave Korean Band: FT Island

94: Robots like Gundam, Autobots (Transformers), Dinobots(Transformers) and Atom (Real Steel) are ❤

95. I LOVE the 2002 ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ movie. Watched it more than 20 times. For real.

96. I have a thing for revenge themed movies and tv series.

97. Top fave colors: White , Yellow (Egg yolk Yellow, Canary Yellow and Yellow Gold) and Mint Green. Runner ups: Light aka Baby/Powder colors, #029d74 (some call it Aquamarine, some call it Turquoise whatever it is yun yon) and Coral (esp for lipstick)

98. I like kawaii stuff.

99. I think big astig cars (e.g. hummer, jeep) are cool. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to get out of such a car, like a boss, wearing red stilletos? Haha They won’t see that coming. 😁

100. Fave superheroes? Hmmm… Batman

101. I love life…even if it’s hard to love sometimes. 😉

Soooo, that’d be all!

Have an awesome weekend guys!


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