The Sunday Currently | Vol 10

A relaxing Sunday afternoon to all!

I just finished the blog entry about my travel to Ifugao, Mt. Province and Benguet. I was supposed to create it a month ago, but didn’t really have the time to  complete it. So anyway, since it’s already done I am here in the living room trying to relax and not think that tomorrow’s Monday.

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Currently, I am:

Reading recipes. I’m looking for a good dish or dessert to make/cook/bake this Christmas. I am leaning more towards dessert than a savory dish though. Any suggestions?
Writing something on my planner and of course, The Sunday Currently: Vol 10
Listening to Christmas songs


Thinking about trying to not think about the upcoming work week, and if i should practice Ashtanga yoga today or not (and laziness strikes again!) :p
Smelling the shrimp crackers my sister and I just ate. Lola brought us a lot of chips today. Who am i (but a mere grandchild) to refuse? LOL hashtag not healthy sunday
Wishing for LOTS of cold hard cash hahaha
Hoping for better days, for lots of fun happenings and road trips this Christmas season
Wearing a white and gray cotton sport shorts and a white shirt with the sleeves cut off
Loving the feeling of Christmas

Image result for christmas lights gif tumblr_ng0s0z49vc1qll5dxo1_500

Wanting more discipline, and less stress, and maybe a handsome travel buddy ? haha
Needing again…LOTS OF MOOLAH HAHA it’s Christmas season, guys. come on.
Feeling bloated and guilty. tsk. Thank you, junk food. Thank you.

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Clicking Pinterest to look for more cooking recipes. Imma check youtube and foodpress later!

Have a great Sunday, you guys! 12 days to go and it’s Christmas! 🙂



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