The Sunday Currently | Vol 14

Woke up at 11:30 am; I don’t usually wake up around noon, but I did today. I think I need to work on changing my body clock. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and waking up early. Anyway, it’s a sunny Sunday morning and…

I am currently:

book reviews in GoodReads…just to help me decide what to read next. 🙂

The Sunday Currently Vol 14

4th impact’s version of Christina Aguilera’s Show me How you Burlesque and Jessie J’s Bang Bang! (X factor UK 2015)

As always, I have a lot of things going on in my mind right now: the upcoming workweek, my to-dos, schedules, papers I need to follow up, my goals and how to achieve them, travel, and a whole lot more. Thank God I have a notebook to help me organize my crazy train of thoughts and ideas…or I would’ve gone mad.


this GIF kinda scares me, but I just had to put it because the caption is awesome

Coffee and blueberries

I’d love to just get a good rest and a long time out of my regular routine and busy schedule.

for peace of mind and the realization of my dreams, goals and hopes. hah! 🙂 don’t we all?

Still in my PJs 😛

the existence of feel-good music, vids and movies. They really help me get by my uber tiring schedule.

I honestly can’t put into words what I want right now. I have a lot of thoughts at the back of my mind and I don’t know which to pick and where to start. I can’t believe I’m having a hard time doing this. Geez…I feel like I’m about to zone out! Snap out of it, self! Snap out!

Looks like I really need to take time out of my busy schedule. I feel like Walter Mitty nowadays (I LOVE that movie, btw).

preoccupied and stressed, but I’ll get by. I just need to pray and possibly think about how to unwind and divert stress somewhere else…like yoga or work out. 🙂

Clicking looking for more info about other journaling and planner pens. My current go-to pen is a 0.3 ultra-fine gel rollerball, but I’m looking to start using a 0.05 fine liner for a change. It’d also be a good addition to my growing collection of pens and highlighters.

and still contemplating whether to purchase the Manduka Prolite 71 Intention or not. Ahhhh….help! 😛

Till next Sunday, you guys! Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂



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