The Sunday Currently | Vol 15

Hi! Finally had time to create another post. It’s been a long while… can’t believe it’s already halfway through the year. I missed you all! The first few months have been tough and I got preoccupied with so many things, but hey! I’m posting today which is a good thing, right? 🙂


I’m reading some raw vegan recipes online, but I’m planning to finish ‘Don’t Hex with Texas’ today. Stuck in page 112 for almost 3 months now. I obviously really need to catch up on some reading.

The Sunday Currently | Vol. 15

I’m watching the first few Kalyeserye episodes in Youtube and that’s all I’m hearing. I miss the old times…katong wa pa magkita sila Alden and Maine. Trying to relive the kilig.

Can’t help but think about the upcoming week, and of ways not to think too much about what could’ve been or the future and just live for today

the faint acidic smell of star fruit

for better days

I hope this week will be more productive and that I get an appraisal. 😀

A loose XXL green shirt and gym shorts. Ang ineeettt grabe!

Love that I’ve had the time to write another entry, and knowing that everything will be OK soon. Thank you, Lord.

Have always been wanting to buy a new camera. I’m one of those people who still use an old digital unit. As I was browsing through my old posts, I noticed the horrible quality of the photos. It sucked more than I originality thought. So, it’s either I buy a new one or google camera-hacks to make old digital cameras do magical things.

A good body massage would be extremely wonderful, and more time for myself

like I need to be in love again :P, and like a need a cup of coffee to get my mind straight haha

Laura Miller’s Blog

So that’s it! boy, do I feel good. Five months have slipped since my last entry and I just really wanted to write something here.  Hope I’ll have more time to write for Life and Soles…you all know how it keeps me sane.  LOL

Have a happy week (ahead) you guys! *clinkcoffeecups

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