One More Chance — Not!


Nagpabook. Umasa. Di Pinasakay. Number 1 daw, pero Chance lang pala.

We arrived in Toledo City around 4 in the morning. As the car made its way to the pier entrance, we were stopped by a man, around 50-ish, wearing a white shirt. “Sir, Ma’am, Di na raba makasulod. Puno na ang barko”. We tried to keep calm, but we still got irritated; we looked for ways to keep our sched intact… but just to make the long story short we (and our vehicle) were not able to board the ship to San Carlos City because we were tagged as ‘Chance Passengers’.  We paid full fare and we are still ‘Chance Passengers’
As I am typing this entry, the memory makes me want to cuss 5x per second. Then again, since I’m all about positive energy today, I will spare you from all the whining about the disservice, lies, politics, arrogance and the unhappy story of what really happened. Everything happens for a reason. Let’s all fast forward to our extemporaneous not-so-successful but super fun and laugh-out-loud Plan B.

We never had a Plan B really. We never anticipated not being able to reach San Carlos City . We quickly made a quick stroll ’round Toledo and in-a-not-so-panic-approach asked everyone inside the car “Asa man jud ta!?”

The Capilla Santa Ana Museum

We were greeted by the big white walls and the beautiful gate of the chapel. We turned to the right and saw the sign

Local – 100
Student – 50
Foreigner – 200

OPENS at 10 AM

Our jaws dropped. It was only 7 in the morning. “Holy Mother of Biscuits!!!”

We turned around and walked away.

Di na gali pasudlon sa iyang heart, hasta pud diri?


Drove all the way to Lunhaw Farm Resort. We’ve been to Aloguinsan before and the charming town is still as beautiful as it was. I really love how they are so intense in taking care of the environment.

May pang Aloguinsan, ginam. Pero ako imo ra jud perming pasagdan.

Did a quick tour ’round the resort and ate lunch (they serve organic food…beat that!), then went off to see the beautiful Hermit’s Cove.

Just so you know this post and the paragraph written above has been idle for, like, 3 months now (Today is Nov 15, 2016), but I’m still going to change the post date to Sept. 13 2016 just for the sake of the timeline.

Anyway, here are a few photos:

The camera quality still sucks and I deeply apologize.





On the Road:

After a quick 2-hr swim, some fun stories (chismis) , heart-to-heart talks, and a good round of chips and ice candy, we left for ‘we don’t know where yet’ 




After a few debates, singing and passing-of-decisions, we decided to revisit Aguinid Falls.

Interlude: Barrio Fiestas – road rerouting and a bit of traffic, Made-the-wrong-turn


5:10 PM: It was almost dark when we arrived there and they no longer accepted visitors.

Rejected na gali sa gihigugma, asta na lang pud sa lakwacha?

We gave up. We decided to head back to the City.


pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter PITTER PATTER!

It rained. Hard.

♪♫ Heto ako…basang basa sa ulaaan. Walang masisilungan…♪♫

South Reclamation Properties (SRP), Cebu City

10:30 PM: At last. Dinner.

Last round of chit-chats and jokes at the Food Strip and…Good Night.

Unlucky. Tired, but we had FUN. Didn’t we? DIDN’T WE? 😀



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