Panahon na sab sa Pasko. Ang panahon na kinaham sa mga bata. Sa kaning higayon amo kamong gi-awhag na makigduyog kanamo sa pagsaulog sa kapaskohan uban sa mga Daycare na tinun-an sa Isla sa Gilutongan, nga unta sa kining panahon atong mapa-ambit sa mga gagmayng anghel ang kalipay sa kapaskohan.

Image result for christmas time is here gif ♪♫Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for joys and time for cheers♪♫

It’s the holidays! and the Balik Iskwela team organized a small pre-Christmas celebration for the Daycare Kids of Gilutungan Island.

Plus, fun and games (and snacks *wink*) for the graders! 😀

paskosaila16_graders_4 paskosaila16_graders_3 paskosaila16_graders_2 paskosaila16_graders_1

paskosaila16_graders_5 paskosaila16_graders_6 paskosaila16_graders_7 paskosaila16_graders_8 paskosaila16_graders_9 paskosaila16_graders_10 paskosaila16_graders_11 paskosaila16_graders_12 paskosaila16_graders_13


Also, here are a few photos of the School Supplies distribution for this year – 2016. I was not able to create a blog post that time (around the last week of May) because I got occupied so, I’m just going to post it here too. Apologies for the super late post.

Our heartfelt thank you to all those helped make this gift giving activity possible.
To those who crossed the sea to bring simple joys to the kids, and to everyone who shared their  time, energy, and blessings (financially and in kind)…again, THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have made the kids of Gilutungan Island happy. The children were all so excited to receive their Christmas parcels and to have fun.  It is only with the support of people like you all that we are able to make this happen.  It is such a wonderful gift to see the joy and pleasure the children get from all these.

Holiday Blessings to all!

School Supplies Distribution for year 2015: Balik Iskwela sa Isla Project: Gilutongan Island

For more information, visit Balik Iskwela sa Isla ‘s Facebook Page



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