The One In Negros Occidental

Dearest Blog,

Sometimes, we all think we all need a really long break. We all do…that I’m sure, but a 2-day vacay isn’t really that bad when you’re in good company.



We decided to order food and buy some treats at this rustic cafe they call El Ideal. In one table, there was an old married couple sharing one halo-halo. The wife was mixing the dessert; the husband, assisting her. Sweet.

The sun was high that day, dear blog. These ancestral houses in Silay creeped me out a bit, but something about them is beautiful. I bet these look amazing during late afternoons when the lights are up.



How can something ruined still be so grande?


The weather acted like a bipolar case that day, and we all agreed we needed a venti-sized cold cane juice drink. 50 pesos. Yes, 50.

Lighting candles is love. Don’t fully understand why we do it in church, but doing it makes prayer a lot more wonderful. That’s not even the right word. This is in San Sebastian Cathedral, btw. The interiors are really pretty.


Ahhh this place. This place is heaven, blog.

Calea they call it.

We secretly bought our friend a cake for his post-birthday celebration. My friends were not so keen in making things not-so-obvious, but we might just be sweeter than those cakes.


Say Hi! to our house away from home.


Who doesn’t like warmness from people?… and pools.


But i guess the cold is good too.


Bats are inspirational, blog. They’re so used to things upside down, where the world is falling. That alone is amazing.

The trek was excellent!  It was like a disease. The more we climbed, the more I wanted to climb. Did I say that right, blog? I was never eloquent, sorry.

Life should have more mountains and less stress. Don’t you think?

And oh, as promised, below is my BUDGET bbbbuhh buhh buuh BREAKDOWN y’all (oh, that was a rap btw. Hehe. I try, blog. I try. Haha):


DAY 1 (April 17):


Fare to Airport – 8.00+7.00 = 15

Margie’s Round Piaya @ El Ideal = 57.00

Tuna Sandwich @ El Ideal = 95.00

Water @ iMart = 54.00

Accomodation (collection for all pax) = 490.00 per person

The Ruins Entrance =100.00

Sugar Cane Juice @ The Ruins = 50.00

PHP 861.00


Lunch @ Aboy’s Restaurant = 280.00 per person (Bill was 4310.00 total)

Payment for Van = 660.00 per person

Pasalubong @ Virgie’s = 246.00

Pasalubong @ Merczi = 745.00

Chocolate Cake for our friend’s bday @ Calea = 90.00 per person

PHP 2021.00


Dinner @ Mambukal’s Food Court (Ikea Restaurant)  = 105.00

Hot Spring Entrance = 20.00 (originally 50.00 but got discount because of coupons)

PHP 125.00


DAY 2 (April 18):

Breakfast @ Mambukal’s Food Court (Ikea Restaurant) = 125.00

7-Falls Trek Guide = 130.00 per person

Habal Habal Ride back to cottage = 150.00

PHP 405.00


Lunch @ Mountain View Restaurant in Don Salvador = 125.00

Ferry Lite Fare + Terminal Fee = 120.00 + 20.00 = 140.00

PHP 265.00


Dinner @ Jollibee Toledo = 50.00

Trysikad ride to Toledo Van Terminal = 10.00

Toledo Van to Cebu City (we paid for all the seats) = 200.00 per person

Taxi from Cebu City to my house = 250.00

PHP 510.00


DAY 1 TOTAL =  PHP 3007.00

DAY 2 TOTAL = PHP 1180.00

TOTAL: PHP 4187.00 + PHP 900.00 (AIRFARE)

With a GRAND TOTAL of  PHP 5087.00

Till next time, blog.




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