Solo Backpacking Diaries: Coron, Busuanga, Culion

My trip to the Calamian Islands is by far my most memorable solo travel to date. The sad parts were saying goodbye to all of my amazing new friends and not being skilled enough nor have the equipment to take amazing photos in the dark and underwater .

Fireflies and Planktons

Night view of Coron from a floating restaurant

Rode a speedboat around 6:30 in the evening and went into a dark abyss in the mangroves area. The moon, the planktons and the fireflies all together is just beautiful! I can’t think of the correct adjective to describe the whole experience, but to put it…it was ‘magical’. I tried so hard to capture what happened that night (this sounds wrong, but you know what I mean), but failed. It’s something you just have to experience yourself.

To give you a bit of idea, here’s a youtube video of something similar:

Rio Playa Resort

Not white, but the sand is fiiinnne.

12 o’clock is the non-existent dock for our Black-Island’s ride

Calauit Safari

The safari is located in an island in Busuanga approximately an hour or so from Coron. If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m not fond of animals locked up in cages. In Calauit, the animals are taken cared of and are free to roam around the island. All island-borne too.

Boat ride to Safari Park

Our cool ride

Black Island

My ‘favoritest’ place. Black Island looked like it came out of a Jurassic Park or King Kong movie. A cave, underwater paradise, fine white sand, small to zero crowd, a shipwreck just close to the shore, and beautiful black limestone. Paradise.

Super short spelunking brought to you by my new superfriends haha


Malbatoc Church

A pretty chapel in Busuanga atop a hill.

Old Busuanga Town Center

Siete Pecados

The waves that time were craaaaazy, but it was still fun. We all swam fast to try to move away from the boat, but when we stopped and looked up it was like we didn’t move at all. Hahaha. Still, beautiful corals, a lot of fishes and fabulous company. I’m smiling at the memory.

Kayangan Lake

Did a short trek to and from the lake.

The view deck before the descend to Kayangan

Water is refreshing and the limestone underwater is a site.

I hope they’ll allow swimming without life vests in the near future. It is understandable though.

Smith Beach

Quick lunch with the gang at this pretty place

Cheers to new friends and more adventures!

CYC beach

Nice place to sun bathe

Skeleton Wreck

I lost my video footage of the Skeleton Wreck, East Tangat and Coral Garden. I even lost other stills. 😦 The only ones left are the surface photos πŸ˜₯ *sigh

It’s a wonderful place for free-divers, for scuba diving or snorkeling.

Coral Garden

Beautiful, beautiful place to snorkel and free-dive. Too bad I lost my video footage. *deepsigh

Twin Lagoon

BarracudaΒ Lake

Another great place to dive and swim.Β Cliffs. Rock formations… a stunning scenery. I believe Barracuda Lake is 100-feet deep. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) you get to see barracudas.


East Tangat Wreck

This is my favorite wreck, then again it’s another lost footage.

Here’s a video from Youtube:

Lusong Coral Garden

Pass Island

Already part of the Culion Island, we stopped by this paradise to have lunch. White sand and amazing blue waters.

Lusong Gun Boat


Coron is amazing. It’s sad I lost a lot of still photos and video footage. Plus, the quality of the shots I took are horrible. I wish I didn’t do such a horrible job documenting this trip. I’ll be back and by that time I’ll do it better. Anyway, despite the photos and footage, this was one of the most indelible solo trips I’ve ever had. πŸ™‚

TinTin, Catherine, Weng, Rod, Minda, Ramon, Sue, Paul, Toshimi, Quentin, Manika, Sara, Tristan, Elvis and co, Jaycelle…it was a pleasure to meet you all! I will never forget all of you. Till we meet again.Β 




Where I stayed: Seaview Pension House



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