Solo Backpacking Diaries: Siargao

Siargao, I’ve been to many places with whiter sand beaches and bluer crystal waters, but nothing comes close to your vibe. You are home.

Magpupungko Rock Pool

Tayangban Cave


My favorite surfing spot.

If you want to avoid the crowd in Cloud 9, head to Pacifico in San Isidro. It’s an hour away from General Luna.



General Luna — Cloud 9

Dapa and Pilar

Guyam Island


Daku Island

Naked Island


Map of Siargao Island

And because I’m feeling separation anxiety again looking at the photos…I will end this post with the song that evokes so much nostalgia of my trip


Another birthday week well spent. To all the wonderful wonderful people I’ve met and the amazing Paglaomer “famiriends”… Thank you for all the fun memories! I will be back soon.


Where I stayed: Paglaom Hostel
Motorcyle Rides: Kuya Norman (mobile # 63 907 493 1913)

Some Tips:

*If you know how to drive, the scooter is one of the best ways to explore the island.
*If you want to avoid the surfing crowd in Siargao, you can head to the beautiful Pacifico in the mellow town of San Isidro which is about an hour away from General Luna.
*Don’t forget to check the tides before you surf  🙂
*Some famous restaurants/diners become super packed by 6pm, so it is best to come in earlier so you can get a table and avoid long wait time (This is what I did with Kermit’s)
*Don’t miss Siargao’s pan de coco and pan de surf(this one is plain, but I love it with coffee), Bravo Resort’s pomada cocktail, Harana’s sizzling chicken joy, and the 50-peso halo-halo in the humble food stalls of General Luna boulevard, including Arlene’s burger.

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