As I stare at my screen right this minute trying to type/write for this blog post, I’m having a hard time recalling what I did daily during the 2 weeks I was in Singapore because it was a whirlwind of spontaneous activities. All I remember was that I was incredibly happy and I had so much fun with people I love and those that I haven’t seen for a long time. The days passed by so fast and before I knew it I was already in the airport not wanting the whole trip to end.

Singapore, you are beautiful. I wish the vacation never ended and I can still eat samosas for only a dollar or jump from one hawker to another or ride your efficient buses and trains and be surrounded by clean areas, beautiful garden cities and towns, and a whole lot of disciplined citizens.



I can’t wait to be back and know a lot more about you.

Some Tips:

*SG’s transport system is already amazing, using will make it even easier getting around.
*Eat and eat a lot. Be open to all the excellent cuisine’s you are going to taste
*Eat in restaurants, but eat in Hawker Center’s more
*Try kitchenettes inΒ quaintΒ shopping centers, you never know you might just find a home-cooked-food gem (like Yu Nam’s kitchen in the Upper Serangoon shopping center. I miss their food everyday)
*You can sometimes get cheaper prices if you book tickets in advance like for Gardens by the Bay, River Safari, and Universal Studios.
*Prepare to walk and walk…wear comfortable walking shoes.



Register in Airbnb today! πŸ˜‰


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