About Monica

Hi! I’m from the Philippines. Born and raised in the country’s Queen City of the South, a beautiful province called Cebu where it’s almost always summer all year round.

I have been blogging since 2005, when I was in my teens. Now, I work for a Software Company and a part-time postgrad student.

Writing is an outlet. It keeps me sane.
I’ve got a keen interest in traveling, exploring and adventures. I love nature and the outdoors. I also do other creative stuff — arts and crafts, decorating, taking photos, doing some preschool-teacher moves to de-stress, and give back to the world by volunteering, teaching and community outreaches.

My pastime usually involves food (cooking, baking, eating *wink), shows and movies that make you go ‘whoah’ and ‘haha’, books that you make you go ‘aah’, feel-good clothes and accessories, doodling, journals, stationery, music, animal lovin’, tree hugging, photography, yoga, underwater trips, pilates, lots of dancing, and being silly.

I love life and I am forever grateful I am blessed with a loving family, a wonderful set of crazy friends and a forgiving God.


Why Life and Soles

“Life” because it’s about embracing life


“Soles” – bottom of the feet, because it somewhat symbolizes walks, travels to different places and the journey through life.
(It pairs well with life too …ergo Life and Soul :))

This is just my little corner in the internet. Hope you’ll find something you like here.




P.S. I write amateurishly. I also don’t proofread my posts here so I apologize in advance if you come across several grammatical errors.

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