First grade poetry by yours truly 😛


Poetry 02052016


Hope, Trust, Believe
in God’s time you will receive

Never cease to pray
Always look up come what may


Poetry 01062016


Just one thought
How does one do that?

Just the thought…’mind wings’ flap


Overbearing responsibilities
Cannot run away

Days go on
The same thing everyday

Poetry 03-20and30-2014
 My 5am shift
As the sun crawls it’s way to the sky
I stare at the window, jeepneys and cars passing by
Men and women in the streets ,to work, they glide their way
in an early morning of a summer day
I turn my head to a black monitor
my hand resting on some keys in a board
tick tick, click, click, tick click
pulling up digital and print sticky notes
clearing, arranging my thoughts
With bitterly cold air blown from a machine
I pull my jacket closer to my body
I hide in its little pocket
my pale hands trembling
“There isn’t snow”, I say
but it’s freezing here anyway
A metal spoon in a glass
I see people spin,
and spin, mixing, mixing
for a good doze of caffeine
In the marble lobby, and the bright hallway
people strut their way inside
into the corners of the place
where burgundy colored desks, white boards
and swivel chairs reside
Chuckles, Clicking, Giggles, Discussions and Printing
All of these sounds
are frequent ear music
in this money-earning grounds
Poetry 03142014
Work Day
a monitor, and some notes
a keyboard,a mouse and juggling thoughts
writing technically in prose
drafts, manuals and documentation
tickets — a thousand in number
seeking, requiring a lot of attention
wiki, screenshots and some other
print outs, markers and boards
voice, accent, language
“good day, class and or trainees!”
to help one be better with words
At work,
am I really Ms. busy bee??
I guess so…
that’d be me, that’d be me
summer sunshine
chirping birds
forget all sad and
angry things in this world
wind on face
breeze so gentle in hair
only happy thoughts
keep away from despair
smell of grass
tall green trees
colorful flowers
oh so thankful for these
under a sky so high
a sky so clear
nature is good, it heals
remember this dear
Dwelling on Hope
In the present,
but always looking back
not sure of wanting to let go
what is in the past
wanting to forget,
yet longing to be reminded
how to escape from
agonizing thoughts in one’s head
Slave to a memory
And the hope it dwells in
Must kill this hope
or one will keep dying within
Take away the hope
of you and me
ending up together
Must accept the fact —
it’ll never happen…
never ever
I want to be free of you
like you are free of me
Should not dwell in the past
just to see, just to see…
what could’ve been
how we’re supposed to be
Poetry 03132014
Rainy Day
Dark sad skies
what a gloomy day
you cross my mind
it is not okay
disregard what once was
I need not reminisce
don’t want to be trapped
in that hazy abyss
wishful thinking is all there is
what’s real is now —
and will always be like this
a gloomy day, while waiting for the sun
rain, rain, rain,
pain, pain, pain,
when will this end — be done.
Eyelids trembling
bright eyed?
no, not today
tired of squinting
an ache, an ache
a head to break
reasons for this torment — perhaps,
just tired or lack of care?
or for denied thoughts and feelings
one cannot bear and share
oh, which
do I most dread
a throbbing pain in heart
 or excruciating pain in head?

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  1. Keep it up with those things that you do best. Loving your work =)

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